It would be easy to come up with generalized assertions about how much students enjoy, and gain from, the NYCRC’s Unlearning Stereotypes program. We believe it is much more telling and instructive to let the students speak for themselves.

“Before I took this course, I didn’t like certain ethnic groups, but these volunteer teachers helped me to understand that there was no real reason for my hatred.”

–Student at John Bowne High School

“I think before this course I did discriminate a little, at least I know I stereotyped. Now I’ll think twice about those stereotypes and hopefully not use them anymore.”

–Student at Fort Hamilton High School

“I would recommend this course to my friends because by expressing your ideas and beliefs you grow out of all that ignorance your friends, family, or relatives teach you.”

–Student at George Washington High School

“I see discrimination like the domino effect. If someone (me) starts their responsibility to end it, then eventually it will end.”

–Student at Richard R. Green School

“I think this course should be encouraged in junior high schools, elementary schools, high schools, and colleges everywhere.”

–Student at Canarsie High School

“This course has changed me greatly, especially the way I feel about sexual discrimination and race . . . Keep up the good job.”

–Student at Jamaica High School

“I felt that [the program] helped me understand race/ethnic relations better because I’m young and there’s a lot of racism going on, not in adults but in young people too. Sometimes we play around by saying things that can be racist but we never think of it. Now I know, so when I’m around people who do that I can talk to them about it.”

–Student at LaGuardia High School.