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Michael Meyers About Imus

NYC Mayor’s ‘Young Men’s Initiative’ Decried As ‘Racist’ and ‘Sexist.


On The NAACP’s Support of Single-Sex Marriage

NYPD Racial Profiling: “Being Black Doesn’t Make You a Criminal in America”

Michael Meyers on O’Reilly Factor

We offer visitors to our web site these informational videos as snapshots of our advocacy, and for the purpose of providing you with insights into how we rebut racial idiocy and help reorder the civil rights movement by helping Americans with the unlearning of stereotypes. Our civil rights business is in the arena of ideas, as we engage in debate and intellectual discourse on television, radio, through publications of op-eds and other articles, and participate in discussions at public fora, conferences and other meetings. This advocacy and public education work contributes to the public’s awareness and engagement with our purposes and civil rights concerns and provides them with our ideas for the attainment of equal opportunity and positive social change.