The executive director of the New York Civil Rights Coalition, Michael Meyers. an African American himself, denounces the racially-charged tweets from “race-crazed” haters that are being directed at African American actress Stacey Dash after Ms. Dash tweeted her endorsement of Mitt Romney over President Barack Obama.

Michael Meyers’ statement follows:

“Those hateful zingers in the form of tweets, calling African American actress Stacey Dash vile names–such as ‘jigaboo,’ ‘indoor slave’, and that labeled her a traitor to her race–evinces an ugly mood in this nation on the part of racial fanatics and others who engage in unhinged racial calumny. They have directed such name-calling at blacks and whites who disagree with them on politics and candidates for elected office. Sadly, and weirdly, they think of themselves as the guardians and as the defenders of the so-called black race. But they are not representatives of any rational or ethnic community; rather, they, and their ilk, represent only ignorance, ugliness, and putrid bigotry.

“What is more, the race-crazed haters don’t even know that there is no such thing as one’s ‘race’ based on skin color. We all, regardless of our skin color, belong to the same race–the human race. And, as Stacey Dash has said, in defense of expressing her views, she is entitled as an individual to her own opinions without regard to her skin color and without being assigned or consigned to the community in which others insist she belongs and must identity.

“It is self-evident that those who have so despicably assailed Stacey Dash as not being ‘black enough’ are themselves not capable of shame. So, we who abhor and deplore racial calumny and the wickedness that such idiocy and hatred foment, are ashamed for them.”

Michael Meyers, Executive Director
New York Civil Rights Coalition
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New York, New York 10001
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