Michael Meyers on Fox’s Hannity: “We Long Ago Banned ‘Colored Sections’ of Buses and Public Accommodations; Ditto When It Comes to Segregating Children By Race In a Public School”

(NOTE: This video is of Michael Meyers’ appearance on a Hannity Show on the Fox News Channel; he debated Project 21’s Deneen Borelli as to whether a public high school in Lancaster, PA may separate black boys into “special” homerooms, and assign to the homerooms black male teachers. The school did the same thing by deliberately separating black girls into “special” homerooms–to which black female teachers were assigned. The school rationalized this purposeful segregation as a “mentoring” and uplift effort for “at risk” black students. The black teachers of the homerooms had also argued for this segregation as a benefit to the black students.

Following this TV debate the New York Civil Rights Coalition formally challenged the segregation scheme as a violation of the Brown v. Board of Education mandate and as inconsistent with  Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act which prohibits the purposeful segregation by race in federally-supported programs. The New York Civil Rights Coalition also cited Pennsylvania education laws and civil rights statutes that prohibited such segregation. The separate homerooms were discontinued shortly after our complaint).

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